Monday 12. 17. 2018
Open Contest Deadline Extended by 23/12
Due to the large number of questions and significant response, the new deadline for the submission of the proposals is...
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Tuesday 12. 11. 2018
Event | ADL Presents the 1st Gen of Smart City Solutions
The Athens Digital Lab (ADL), the first municipal incubator of its kind in Greece and a joint philanthropic venture between...
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Thursday 11. 15. 2018
Athens Digital Lab 2nd Open Call
  Athens Digital Lab (ADL), after the successful first round and its first year of operations, is once again looking...
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Tuesday 11. 6. 2018
Athens European Capital of Innovation 2018
  Athens was named European Capital of Innovation for 2018! “Through innovation, Athens has found new purpose to turn around...
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Monday 10. 15. 2018
Supporting Young Entrepreneurs & Embracing New Technologies In Athens ( ADL Teams – 1st Round)
It’s been a year since the launch of the Athens Digital Lab (ADL) and our teams have been building a...
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