Tuesday 07. 28. 2020
MaGOS was selected to participate in 3 EU programs & 2 accelerators

Hard work and dedication to vision always pay off. MaGOS (Quanta & Qualia), the team of the 2nd cohort of ADL, proves that saying through its latest successes. They were selected to participate in three of the most important European programs and two accelerators: Headstart Program 2019 of EIT Health, X4all, EU Project Trinity, STARTUP3 and InvestHorizon.

The team has developed a prototype tech tool, MaGOS, a wearable “glove” with which the user interacts directly with the digital environment using his hands, while connecting to a VR – virtual reality device. By choosing these initiatives, they will have the opportunity to invest in the technology with financial support, consulting support from renowned professionals in the field and access to a global network of investors and large organizations for possible collaborations.

Headstart Program 2019 – EIT Health (25k €)
During the program Quanta & Qualia will have the opportunity to invest even more in MAGOS technology, analyzing its application in the medical industry and more specifically in the field of restoration of finger / hand function with a platform that will produce clinical data on their movements.
It aims to help both patients and healthcare providers and more specifically, patients to wear these “gloves” and through this link to provide direct data to the healthcare provider, helping to faster and more accurate analysis of both the situation and and their progress.

* More information at https://bit.ly/3e5bE6F

In the 8 top teams in XR4ALL (50k €)
Rank: 6th place out of 90 applications
Through the program, the team will develop a new tech tool, more upgraded. It will be possible to create applications that could not be created until today, due to technological limitations and there will be the opportunity to implement pilot applications in the field and demo of the product. The aim of the program is to create an organized community in XR with the aim of making Europe more competitive and creating synergies. XR4ALL, co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, provides financial support and has invited research and academic teams from various organizations to develop new, state-of-the-art solutions.

* More at https://bit.ly/2Dp80rX

EU Project Trinity (300k €)
14 out of 115 proposals were selected

Quanta & Qualia in collaboration with the Spanish Automotive Research Center (CTAG) will develop the application of MAGOS technology for the programming of modular robotic systems and through the data that they will generate, it will result in the programming of robots for complex scenarios (such as those involving human hand manipulation).

MAGOS JOINS TRINITY PROGRAM -Athens Digital Lab δήμου Αθηναίων

* More at https://trinityrobotics.eu/

STARTUP3 Accelerator – part of Horizon2020
Among the top 25 deep-tech startups

After the open call which attracted many applicants from more than 36 countries, MaGOS stood out among 250 applications and was selected as one of the 25 technology startups that will participate in the program. The aim of the program is to prepare the teams for funding. Provides consulting support, communication with investors and the chance to cooperate with large enterprises.

* More at https://bit.ly/2ZLvheY

InvestHorizon Accelerator June 2020
Stands out among 65 SMEs (118 applications from 25 countries)

Their purpose is to identify ambitious entrepreneurs who stand out and create deep tech solutions, through specific coaching and mentoring, helping them develop their product. Cooperation between the European Commission and EUREKA
The program selects deep tech companies with prospects for commercialization. The goal of the program is to prepare the teams for funding. Provides consulting support, communication with investors and large companies for cooperation.

* More at https://bit.ly/3iDzIkG

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