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2nd Cohort: New startups, new smart-city solutions

Startup Toolkit vs Coronavirus: Stay home, stay creative and productive

Inagros joins #DigitalSolidarityGR – Ministry of Digital Governance



As part of the City of Athens’ Digital Roadmap, with an exclusive grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), Athens Partnership with the cooperation of COSMOTE, Nokia and SNF, created the Athens Digital Lab for the City of Athens. It’s the 1st municipal early-stage tech incubator, a research and development lab for ”smart cities” digital solutions, that supports the development and maturation of applications addressing the real needs of the city, upgrade the quality of life of Athenians and visitors, as well as enhance the digital transformation of the city.

Athens Digital Lab is a pioneering venture, which aims to introduce innovation into the municipality of Athens structures and supports youth entrepreneurship.

It is housed in the 3rd floor of Serafio, City of Athens.

Founding Donor


The Athens Digital Lab welcomes eight new teams of entrepreneurs poised to develop solutions to the city’s most pressing challenges.

The 8 new resident teams are: City Museum, FREATiot, GarCTOS, IntelliWaste, ΜaGOS, Narratologies, sCoolSense and SpaceStudents.

The proposals cover the current themes: Tourism, Cleaning Services, Crisis Management / Resilience, Schools Infrastructure and Open Theme.

The selected teams will have the opportunity to work for at least 6 months, in a modern and fully equipped space, in the City of Athens Serafio Center. In addition, they will have at their disposal all the required technical and financial resources to implement their idea.

*Explore the ADL teams of the 1st round, here

Additionally, the Athens Digital Lab offer to the teams:

1. Cover the necessary technological equipment (hardware and software) for the implementation of the concept
2. Technical support and guidance from officials of the municipality of Athens, COSMOTE and Nokia
3. Access to specialized ΙοΤ platform of Nokia, IMPACT
4. Advanced NBIoT network infrastructures of the COSMOTE

During implementation, the teams will be able to perform field trials, and will have access to the data of the Municipality for the maturation of the solutions, which will be implemented in the municipality of Athens for two years and at the same time have access to international sales channels, with the support of the COSMOTE and Nokia.



Cleaning Services

The cleaning services of the municipality of Athens deal with different situations and conditions in the collection and transport of waste.This is mainly explained by the changing number of people who live, work or visit the Athens daily and administrative and financial constraints.

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Mobility Data

Today, the data production and management are becoming increasingly important. This is why, there is a need to develop innovative applications that will help us discover and explore more about our city, its citizens and visitors.

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Education Infrastructure

School buildings are being developed in the dense urban area of Athens. About 400 schools are owned and governed by the municipality of Athens, hosting thousands of students and teachers. Today, with the use of advanced technology, we can improve the quality of school life and the proper operation of schools buildings.

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Crisis Management

As cities grow larger, the consequences of unexpected events are ever greater. Athens, like many other cities, is facing a series of challenges such as climate change, aging infrastructures and severe macroeconomic conditions . In case of an emergency, we will need ''smart'' tools, so that the competent authorities can respond effectively to the needs of the citizens and ensure the city's resilience.

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Athens is an international destination that offers a mosaic of experiences. Visitors' vital digital footprint includes their preferences and behavior. In order to decode and use these valuable information to effectively improve city's visibility, we need the neccesary tools.

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Open Pillar

If you have an idea that it is not in any of the other themes, relevant to different areas of activity, feel free to submit it! We would love to see your proposal!

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1. The Contest

Athens Digital Lab, during the 1st and second open competition, looked for digital ideas that will transform Athens into a smart city. The ADL team invited individuals, groups, and startups, who love technology and innovation, to submit proposals that will be evolved into advanced IoT solutions, addressing the real needs of the city.

2. Athens Digital Lab 2nd Cohort

The 8 new resident teams are:

● City Museum, AR tour guide, showcasing the least known monuments, transforming Athens in an open-air museum

● FREATiot, flood / pipe prevention device

 GarCTOS, garbage collection and transportation optimization system

 ΙntelliWaste, a sophisticated waste management system

 MaGOS, A portable human-computer interaction device, tracking finger movement in a modern AR/VR environment

● Narratologies, IoT enabled walks, an immersive experience of myths and tales that represent the hidden imaginary of the city.

 sCoolSense, creating the “school of tomorrow” with the use of sensors, IoT devices and the active engagement of teachers and parents

 SpaceStudents, in-class engaging game simulating a space colony, educating students to recycling and optimal use of resources and energy, highlighting the value of sustainability.

3. Contest Criteria - Proposals

The ADL competition is addressed to students, researchers, new scientists, professionals and young entrepreneurs who love technology and innovation, and want to develop and commercialize new products / services. The proposals should be integrated solutions/services and they could be: 1 a new idea, 2. an idea in the development phase, 3. a developed project without a finalized solution, 4. a partially developed technical solution with a proposal for the final phase. The selected proposals will be turned, within Athens Digital Lab, into integrated products. After the successful pilot testings, the solutions could be considered for a larger scale. The teams will then be able to cooperate on the commercial development of their products with the support of NOKIA and Cosmote, in order to gain access to international and national sales channels, upon negotiation and agreement.

Participants are free to use any technology that they think would fit in their proposals.

4. Application Process

The application form includes: a. The personal contact information of yourleader or/and team. b. All the necessary information of your proposal. More specifically: – a Description of the proposal. Briefly describe your solution. – The problem / opportunity. Describe the impact of the solution/proposal that brings in Athens and its citizens. – Value Proposition. Describe the target audience and the value of your solution/proposal.

5. Benefits for the winning teams

• Hospitality for six (6) months in the fully equipped working area of Athens Digital Lab, housed in the Serafio Athletic and Community coplex of the municipality of Athens.

• The necessary technological equipment (hardware and software) for the implementation of your proposal, the amount of which shall be approved by the Commitee, depending on the case.

• High-speed internet and access to the ΙοΤ platform of ΝΟΚΙΑ, IMPACT.

• Regular/Occasional advisory support from executives of ΝΟΚΙΑ, Cosmote and the municipality of Athens, as well as other qualified professionals, depending on the proposal.

• Access to different databases for the maturation of the proposals.

• Facility for final tests in the field, in the infrastructure of the city

• Costs, including the cost of transport, accommodation and any other expenses due to your participation in Athens Digital Lab, can be covered after sending an application to the Commitee and if, after assessment, they approve it. • Workshops by Greek or foreign leaders/entrepreneurs/executives with themes related to business, product management, marketing etc.


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