Friday 11. 27. 2020
3rd Round Launch: ADL welcomes 10 new teams

BREAKING NEWS: 10 new teams on-board

After the  announcement of the 3rd Open Call, the Athens Digital Lab accepted more than 70 innovative proposals, within 5 different themes: Tourism / Culture, Resilience/ Crisis Management, Public Space Management, Smart Education, Impact Investment Monitor.

During the 2nd stage of evaluation, the Committee, which was comprised of experienced executives from the City of Athens, Nokia and Cosmote – selected 15 teams to pitch their ideas. On the 3rd and final evaluation stage,  10 out of 15 teams stood out for the vision and tech excellence of their proposals.

In the implementation phase the teams may perform field trials and will have access to the City of Athens’ data and they will have the support and guidance of distinguished professionals from the ideas phase to development, implementation and testing.

This year, the incubated teams are at different stages: There are early-stage startups which have a tech idea which will be developed and implemented with the support of the ADL team and its partners. There are also go-to-market/growth stage startups which have a product/service, that they would either like to test in the field or alternatively develop a version tailored to the current needs of a modern metropolis. The teams belong to 4 main pillars of a “smart” city – smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment and smart living.

In detail, the proposals that were selected – per thematic pillar:

Resilience / Crisis Prevention and Management


It’s a mobile application that supports retail and catering shops (restaurants – cafes – bars) in order to attract more customers who are then asked for feedback. The City will be able to use Bespot to detect several issues in city services and buildings, monitoring traffic in real time. Additionally, shop owners will be given the opportunity to collect feedback, while citizens will be able to find useful information about nearby places – such as how many people are currently in a specific spot.

Siba IoT

A highly reliable sensor box will enable us to monitor air pollutants and automatic regulation of ventilators, heaters and dehumidifiers to maintain the desired air quality levels (temperature, humidity, CO2), by visualizing and analyzing the required data to detect congestion and risk of viral contamination (eg COVID-19) indoors, for public buildings and schools. Based on the measurements, the City will use Siba IoT as a tool for environmental monitoring and prevention against health risks.

Public Space Management

Mobito Technology

An innovative easy-to-use data platform, through which the City of Athens will be able to provide an urban mobility solution, by using data exchanged by users. Through the platform, a mapping of the city will be achieved, contributing to the monitoring of insightful mobility dat, while contributing to better data-driven decisions.


Timefly brings the electric moped-sharing system in Athens, an eco-friendly and efficient way to move around the city center. Athenians will save time on their daily commute  and the city  will enjoy long-term environmental benefits.


Loader’s mobile app connects electric car drivers with nearby available charging stations, encouraging them to charge their vehicle with renewable energy. Drivers are informed in real time about stations’ availability and are also encouraged to charge their electric cars at a lower cost. The City of Athens will be able to manage its assets and accelerate its transition to sustainable mobility. 


An innovative design robot will create large-scale images with special techniques on vertical surfaces. Dotbot will contribute to the anti-graffiti campaign in Athens, while young artists will be given an opportunity to experiment with new technologies.

New Wave

A “smart-box” will let Athenians and visitors have access to free Wi-Fi in key areas of the city (such as bus stops and squares), charge their mobile phone or tablet, or even stay up to date with  the City of Athens’ latest news.

Smart Education


AthensCityEdu is a smart educational platform for skills development, which will give the executives of the City of Athens, the opportunity of personalized training, in selected thematic units. In its next stage Metabusiness could expand its audience by offering the same opportunity to all Athenian citizens.

Open pillar


Citycrop’s automated smart device allows indoor cultivation. CityCrop is a smart device that uses advanced technology and data to maximise plant growth. Advanced algorithms create the perfect microclimate for better performance, while condition control sensors speed up plant growth sustainably without pesticides and by using less water. The CityCrop could be used in schools for educational purposes or in public buildings. 

Worth It

A mobile application brings citizens and NGOs together, promoting  volunteerism in different areas. It is aimed primarily at retirees who are looking for new ways to contribute to worthy causes. Worth It will act as a dynamic tool of social mobilization that promotes active participation and communication between citizens, the municipality and solidarity organisations.


We couldn’t  be more thrilled to support these great teams for the next 12 months to digitally transform Athens!

Stay tuned for their progress and many more exciting news…