Monday 04. 6. 2020
Startup Toolkit vs Coronavirus: Stay home, stay creative and productive

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has brought multiple changes to our life, we created the perfect startup toolkit to get through this crisis. A survival guide with a number of tools and services offered online for free. This list will cover your professional needs and will also act as a guide to personal development. We stay home, we stay creative and productive.

StartUp Toolkit vs Coronavirus

Professional Tools and Services

Startups News 

VCs & Funding

Courses – Coding, machine learning, content marketing etc.

Key sources

Must-join conferences and webinars online

Tech YouΤube Channels – inspire and be inspired

Personal Development – post-work activities
How to spend your time creatively at home

We are updating the “StartUp Toolkit vs Coronavirus”, every week.

Stay tuned for the new initiatives of Athens Digital Lab